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Re: toys

> It was Halloween night, a few years back.  And it was a beautiful
> night -- clear and cool, no rain, snow, ice, etc.  And I was in
> Albany, NY, but I had to be in Boston, Mass. the next morning.  And it
> was very late -- 2 AM or so, and I really wanted a chance to get some
> sleep and take a shower, etc before my morning meeting -- but I was
> starting out fairly well rested.

> Fortunately, I had my '81 911SC with me.  (My 911 is a gray-market
> car, and was substantially tweaked beyond straight euro-spec.)

> We (my girlfriend and I) left Albany at about 2AM, and took the Mass
> Pike clear accross Mass.  About an hour into the trip, the speedo was
> reading in the vicinity of 160 MPH (but I knew it read kind of high --
> the car was outfitted with smaller rubber than stock, and I never

Today, in MA I think it's $50 for the 1st 10mph, and $10 for every mph
after that. I don't think they'd let you go now.....It's important 
revenue to the state.....you'd be happy to know that it's 65mph now
so.......say 140mph.......yep.....that's $700 bucks, and they'd
probobly throw in another grand for whatever (Driving to Endanger,
Reckless Driving, etc.)........but you lucked out....you probably
can't get on a race track for a c-note......