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Re: your mail

> > bother putting them in my other three Audis.  That said, has anyone
> > tried installing a set of driving lights in the lower grill on the
> > 5000/100 ala the Bosch kit Audi offered for the 4000 back in the
> > mid-80s?  I've thought
> Good luck on finding 'em!  I would like a set also for my 87 4KS, but 
> have been unable to locate them.  Maybe if someone installed them and 
> then wrecked, they could be found in a boneyard?

Now that I think about it, it may have been a Hella kit ... anyway, I have
two of them, brand new and still in the box.  I saw an ad in Autoweek from
Sonnen Imports in Berkley, CA some time back (a year at least) advertising
"close out specials" on Audi 4000 fog lights and front spoilers.  I bought
one of each at $49.95 and $99.95 respectively and when they reduced prices
even further a few weeks later, I bought another pair at $29.95 and $69.95
figuring that I was bound to damage them at some point and spares would be
impossible to come by.  (Truth be told, I also figured some Audi collector
might pay me big bucks for them down the road ... do you have any idea how
much an original Porsche 356 steering wheel fetches these days?)

Anyway, the fog lights themselves look pretty cheap -- the kind you'd find
at Kmart for $14.95 a pair -- but the the OEM foglight switch for the dash
is pretty slick as is the wiring harness that plugs into the main harness.
The lights are mounted on metal plates that bolt to the valence underneath
the plastic bumper cover and fit inside recesses cut into the lower bumper

My 5000 has a similar grill molded into the bumper cover and I've wondered
if Audi didn't offer something similar ... I'm sure I can put one together
myself but there's something about using OEM parts that I find reassuring.
Did such a factory kit ever exist or am I wasting my time looking for one?

BTW, the front spoiler was made by FOHA and attaches to the bottom of the
existing bumper cover.  It juts forward a bit (it looks a bit like one of
the splitters used on DTM cars) and reduces ground clearance by 2" or so. 
My family thinks it ruined the look of an otherwise attractive car but in
my opinion (see? No "IMHO" from me!), I think it looks kind of neat...

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