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Since I've just got my car to pass emissions, I thought I'd go through cleaning,
tweaking, etc.  But, when I did the ignition system diagnosis (you know, the one
by bridging the contacts on the fuel pump relay).  I got the code for the air
intake temp probe, I went to check the transimitter by pulling bac the rubber
boot (the wires came with it hence the problem).  the meter is ok, and I assume
that the fact that the wires were not connected is it only problem.
Unfortunately, the Bently manual doesn't say which color wire is connected to
which terminal. I think (I'm a controls engineer) that since its just a current
loop that it doesn't matter.  I'll hold off doing the soldering in case someone
out there can tell me anything.  I think the car will run without it, althogh
with the circuit open, it will probably run to lean.