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Re: Wagons.....

Hairy green toads from Mars made Mike LaRosa say:
> Hi Lee,
> Where is CLAIR Audi ?  I called Every Audi dealer in the GLOBE today and
> found an 89 100 Wagon that might come in on trade in April and another 88
> 5000cstq Wagon that might come on trade this week.  Still can't convince the 
> wife to try the 5 speed though :-(

Skip Claire Audi. They are in Lynnfield, off route 1. I looked there
when I was quattro shopping.

I was looking for a 100Q or a 200Q. They showed me an 80FWD. When I
pointed out it wasn't even a Q, much less the model I wanted, they
showed me an 80Q. No ABS, no climate control, no nothing. They even
offered to put ABS on it for me. Total price after they did this: $18K!

They still call me 3+ years later to see if I'm still looking for the
100Q I mentioned....

This, and the place in Natick (Bernardi) are two dealers I won't
even drive the roads near any more.


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