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I went Autocrossing!

First autocross of the year! Orange airport, Mass. I unfortunately didnt 
drive my own car, I hurt my arm yesterday, but I let my rally navigator 
dirve it for me! Car did well, came in 3rd in class. Not bad considering 
first time he ever drove the car at all!
Heat one... he got lost, missed some cones, Heat 2, tried the diff 
locked. Bad move, Heat 3 kicked butt.. perfect run, best overall time, no 
cones lost!
That little car sounds great when its working! He was really good, 
actually kicking out the rear with the throttle.. I didnt know you could 
do that with that thing! Ill have to try it now.  :)

Should be a good summer... as long as my arm heals. :-(

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