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Oil light intermittent after 1,300 mile drive.


Hi Audi lovers
	Have a little question....
	Took a nice long drive to New Orleans from Iowa, no trouble
getting there.... stopped along the way for a night.....
	But on the way BACK to IOWA.... a 17 hour long non-stop (stop
only for gas) trip.... the oil light started to flicker about 10 miles
from home.... I had added a quart of Pennsoil 10W30 to the Mobil 1 10W30
I have in my block just before starting the trip BACK.
	Now the light comes on when ever I start the car..... just got
back yesterday morning..... haven't got time to check it up..... 
	You all on the net got any ideas????? 
	Will check the oil level and get back......

PS: is a 24 to 23 mpg the average????

1986 4000CS

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