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Re: Stalking

I've had the pleasure of blowing by marked police cars at over 100 mph.  And
nothing happened!  No tickets, no fuss, no muss.  How?  Do it in Germany!  I
lived there for about 3.5 years (dumbest thing I ever did was tell my
company it was time for me to come home).  I drove an older audi 100.  According
to its official paperwork, the car was good for about 185 kph, which works
out to 110-115 mph.  It was pretty nice at those speeds with 70 series P6s,
and with leaded gas and no smog controls mileage was decent at those speeds
too.  Of course, that was scarcely fast enough for the left lane on the
really busy autobahnen - the big mercs and bmws were easily cruising 30+ kph
faster.  If only I'd had a turbo.....
Jason Douglas
MTS Dept G057                        
MITRE Corporation