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Re: insurance and auto-x

In message  writes:
> > It is the only place (in this country) I've ever been able to run 70 miles
> > at 100 mph and not have anyone get excited, as when I did that going to
> > the Miami GP in '94.
> In October of 1987, I tucked in behind a 16v Scirocco near Washington, D.C.
> and followed him all the way to Richmond, VA at 110+mph ... it was neat to
> pass a mile post every 32-33 seconds!

Jeff, I just noticed that you're from Scottsdale, and you came up the Disneyland
east to run extended over 100 (he asked, shaking his head)?  Mercy!

In late July, '71, following my return from an extended, all-expenses paid
sojourn in sunny southeast asia, I bought a used '69 CB750 Honda scooter and lit
out east, spending the next 6 months on the road.  I spent the first night in a 
campsite along lake Tahoe, the next day I visited Bill Harrah's fantastic Museum
and collection (now, alas, dispersed) and then rode down to about 10 miles south
of Tonopah.  I covered the 137 mile stretch stretch from Hawthorne to Tonopah
in 1 hour, 12 minutes (avg 114 mph).  

Back when I was in the Army, I never seemed to make enough to pay the car
*and* gas payments for my '66 Corvette, so I moon-lighted at a bunch of things, 
including selling vacuum cleaners by appointment (OK, I'm not proud...).  One
day, I checked into the office at 6:35 to see if I had any appointments.
There was one, in Duncan, OK (41 miles from the office in Lawton) for 7:00.  I 
had to grab a demo unit and load it into the car.  I didn't know where the 
address was located in Duncan, so I had to stop at a gas station in Duncan, and 
ask directions.  I Knocked on the door for the appointment, at 7:00.  I can't 
say what the avg speed made good was, but I drove over 120 most of the way.