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WTB: '84/'84 5000 headlight assemblies

While repairing the burned-out wiring on the headlights of my '87 5000s, I
noticed that one of them had condensation inside the lense.  Looking at it
more closely, I discovered there's a small crack in it.  I made some calls
and the best price I found for a used one was $100, which got me thinking:
since I don't really care for look of the aero-style bulbs (except for the
ones on the Quattros and late-model Turbos, which look neat but go for big
bucks [$300+] around here), why not swap over to the four-lamp arrangement
that was used on the '84 & '85 5000s?

That way, I can use the euro-spec headlights I saved from an '81 4000 that
I parted out a few years back and, if recent posts are to be believed, end
up with better performance to boot.  Does anyone have a pair of assemblies
(complete with grills, etc.) that they're willing to sell?  Trades are out
since I have two other 5000s that use these lenses and I know the moment I
get rid of this pair, one or more of those will break...  

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