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Da'Lan trailer hitch update

The hitch I ordered for my '87 5000s arrived yesterday.  It appears to be
reasonably well put together although the paint was scuffed up in transit
and I may decide to have it powder-coated.  I was surprised to see that a
receiver tube was included with it (but then it should, given the price).

Installation looks to be fairly straightforward and, Yes, the rear towing
hook does interfere and will have to be cut off.  I'm going to wait until
after the next autocross event on April 12th to install it (I have a fair
chance of winning the "Daily Driver" class for this series and don't want
to add any additional weight to the car before then) and will report back
again once I've finished.

BTW, the part no. for this hitch is 257202 and it fits the '84 through '88
5000 sedan & wagon (including Quattro) and '89 through '91 100/200 sedan &
wagon (including Quattro except the '91 200 Turbo Quattro).  Their Part No.
257203 fits the '91 200 Turbo Quattro sedan & wagon, the '90 through '92 V8
Quattro and the '92 S4 ... both are rated at 2500 pound max trailer weight
and 200 pound max tongue weight.  Their phone number is (508) 425-9585 and
I placed my order with Steve Holme, who seemed to be fairly knowledgable.

Disclaimer: I have no interest in Da'Lan and do not stand to benefit in any
way as the result of posting the above information.

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               aka Jeff Goggin                     Scottsdale, AZ