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Re: 944t

Hi Scott,

[a whole bunch of erudite observations ruthlessly snipped]

> Right now your G60 has the edge on
> the vr6, but me thinks that the vw tuning boys have a better beginning with
> the vr...  

*but*, viz G60, long-term *sporting* use of *any* 4-cyl without balance shafts 
*will* eventually buzz you into an early grave... or the madhouse (unless, of 
course, you have, ummmmmm *ready* access to a well stocked pharmacy; or you 
*like* the sound of instrument glass and the many little gizmos inside your 
dash, buzzing at you as you accelerate...)


Bart Chambers
Custodian, Porschephiles
Wife, Varmint, Porsche, etc.