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Re: Stalking

On Mon, 20 Mar 1995, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:

> My highest speed ever noticed by an officer of the law was
> 102MPH in a (ready for this...) 1980 Rabbit Diesel. I had
> that thing up to at least 110 once, as clocked by my brother
> and friends on their motorcycles. They could not believe I
> made the 100 mile trip in only 5 minutes less than them,
> and that was with a stop for gas.
Now wait a minute... I had an '80 rabbit diesel as well... and there is 
**********---------->>>>>>>>>NO WAY<<<<<<<<<<---------------***********
that vehicle would do more than 82 mph. We tried EVERYTHING in the 
book... the car ran like a top, plenty of power... engine rebuild and all! 
If you said 90, I would say ok.. but 110?!?!?!?!?!?!?! NO WAY!!!  How did 
you do it???? Better yet, what did I do wrong?! :)

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