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Re: Quattro tire alignment

not wure you're going to have much luck with the audi dealer....  He's going
to claim that the tires were in spec when it was aligned (usually have the
readout stapled to the RO)...  If you had the tires aligned with one set,
then switched tires, that doesn't mean the other set will have the same
alignment....  A couple of variables come in here:  1) are the wheels both
the factory?  2)  are the tires the same diameter and wear (snows tend to run
larger dia. and skinnier)  3)  an alignment is only as good as the condition
of the tires, in other words, If you had uneven wear on used tires, then had
the car aligned, the alignment could have corrected the uneven wear on that
set, but really screwed up another set on the same car....  If the snows are
on an aftermarket set of wheels the offset is different (usually) on the q's
than the stock.....