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Re: Hide food

On Sun, 19 Mar 1995, Jef Johnstone wrote:

> are a bunch of god$%#!....don't get me started. Has *anyone* ever had any kind
> of pleasurable experience with any dealership? I've heard of profit but give
> me a break!

	I have similar feelings for dealers, used car dealers, and repair 
shops in general, but I have to defend my local VW/Mazda/Subaru 
dealer.  They have OK prices, but their service is excellent, and 
they let me use their special tools for some of my repairs.  I 
_NEVER_ take my car in to let them work on it, but they are still 
very helpful.  They have copied pages of manuals for me, let me 
use their tire machine and balancer, etc.  Now that I have a 
Quattro, the parts guy has been getting the parts for me.  He used to 
work for an Audi dealer, and when he left, he took the microfiches with 
him, so he has them all for my car.  He gives me little stuff for free 
all the time.  The service manager gave me a set of wiring diagrams fro 
the 5K series when I got my quattro.  I could go on, but ....

Graydon D. Stuckey

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