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Broken Pwr Antenna

I'm trying to fix the little bugs with the 5KT.  The power antenna does not go
up.  I removed the clear hose attached to the base of the antenna in the trunk
and there is no vacuum present with engine running.  Is the antenna 
vacuum-operated?  I can't get to the power wires easily to check for juice w/o
removing the whole antenna.   When I connected the stereo (20Wx4 Sony 
removeable face-plate), there was a wire marked "REM ANT" but I couldn't find 
an antenna power lead to connect to.  It did briefly operate once after this 
but worked perfectly before the installation.  Too much of a coincidence to 
have failed just then! Also, has anyone upgraded the rear (5 1/2" round?) 
speakers?  They are pathetic, the 6 separate front speakers sound much better!

Thanks in advance!

Steve Jagernauth	               	'87 951 Pearl Black 
AT&T BCS			  	'87 Audi 5K CST Burgundy (Mahogany?)
Bridgewater, NJ