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Re: *Broken pwr antenna

On Mar 20,  4:18pm, Daniel Hussey wrote:
> Subject: *Broken pwr antenna
>       Steve,
>But, it wound
> up burning out the antenna motor instead.  I was going to have it replaced
>  I found out the dealer wanted $800 to replace it.  No Way!!!

	Wow ... I knew dealers were a rip-off, but this takes the cake !
	If I decide to buy a new antenna for mine, it would take half-an-hour
	(tops) to replace it.

> DO NOT!!! Unhook to clear plastic dranage tube, because the motor casing
> can fill with water and leak behind the trunk mats.

	In my car, the rubber seal from the antenna base to the body had
	completely disintegrated and water had collected in the spare
	wheel well. The innards of the antenna were a total mess, too.

	If anyone has a broken power antenna with the cable intact, I'd
	love to get my hands on it.  Out of sheer perverseness, I want
	to see if I can fix the one I have.  I cleaned it out yesterday and
	checked out the motor (runs great), and I just hate to throw
	it away because the stupid cable's broken.  (I know, it isn't
	efficient use of my time :-) -- hey, just indulge me, OK?)


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