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Re: Cleaning wheels

On Mon, 20 Mar 1995, Stephen I Jagernauth wrote:

> I've been investigating this myself since the clearcoat is also peeling on the
> Gotti wheels I have on the Porsche.  Do *NOT* use any chemicals on alloy 
> wheels (even certain wheel cleaners are suspect).  From what I understand, 
> alum is slightly porous and strong chemicals will leach the aluminium.  
> Notice how difficult it is to remove pitted brake dust.  From talking to 
> several people who've done this before, bead blasting is fine using plastic 
> bead.  The Wheel Collision Center in Bath, PA can refinish wheels to new 
> condition.  I've seen their work but it's expensive at $75-$100 per wheel.  
> I'm still looking for a good home-brew solution.

Hmm. Ok, I think what I will do is experiment. I have a spare speedline 
mag. I can use a portion of it for experimentation. If it looks good, Ill 
do it all! Heck, its only if I get a flat on the others anyway! I dont 
have plastic to bead blast with, but I do have glass. Ill try to find 
some. If not Ill try the glass. (gulp). Will let you know!


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