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Re: *Broken pwr antenna

>  I found out the dealer wanted $800 to replace it.  No Way!!!
>  Dan Hussey

In an attempt to fix my antenna, I checked the prices of Hershman antennas
and replacement elements at W.M. Sander Co. (800-BBS-WSNE - has ad in EC).
Complete units for '86 5000S ranged from $57-$80, depending on length. I 
bought a replacement element (with the cord attached) for $28, but it didn't 
fit ;-(. I didn't know the model# of my antenna, so I let them do the 
cross-ref. Get the details on your unit before ordering. Seems like there
are a few makes/models in a given year.

The differences I noticed between elements I'd seen were:

   the length/gender of the (upper) threaded collar
   toothed versus regular cord
   number of segments that make up the element (4 or 5?)

>	Mine went up one day and wouldn't come down. The nylon "cable"
>	inside is broken: Joe Garibaldi (are you listening, Joe?) described
>	his clever fix to me at our Bay Area quattro meet a few weeks ago:
>     maybe he can enlighten us both.
>	-Arun

I've heard of Joe Garibaldi's fix (at work). C'mon, Joe, join in! :) 

As an aside, my main reason for buying at W.M. Sander Co. was to get a 
pair of PIAA 9591 ($190). That was expensive, but it was difficult to find 
a deal on these.

-- Eddi

'86 5000S 5spd
'86 VW GTI