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Re: 959 review

On Mon, 20 Mar 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> That's the same one they brought here, if I remember it was white, wasn't it
> (maybe light silver).  Still envious, and I missed driving that one when
> porsche was giving the C&D boys pix opps a few years ago....  You beat my
> 170mile per hour ride on the autobahn in a 911 turbo with that one bob!!!

It must be the same one... It was a slight metallic white. You are right, 
But I did not drive it to 170! I did do 150, but the high speed run came 
with Gianfranco at the helm. Things went by me really fast, Not sure how 
fast , but it sure was a lot faster than I had it. What issue of C and D 
was it? I would like to read that one!

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