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Re: Power antennas and rear speakers

          Stott states (paraphrasing):

               "The ads speakers stay put on the rear deck without
                being formally mounted"

          I've got 2 pairs of ads 320is in my, er Volvo, and I'm very
          happy with them. The 320i is a component speaker, unlike the
          plate speaker Stott refers to, but the acoustic
          characteristics shouldn't be too dissimilar.

          That being said, proper mounting is critical for two
          reasons. The first is that you will get lousy bass if the
          speaker just floats in the opening. Stott, when you fasten
          them down, confirm that the bass tightens up...

          Second, if you happen to run into something with an item
          like this heavy and hard plate speaker floating around, it
          could literally take off your head. Now if I want a plate in
          my head, I'll have a doctor put it in right :)

          Seriously, IMCO, that is a dangerous situation. Should be
          rectified immediately or Darwin will take care of you and

          And your bass *will* get better if you do!


          Lee (I'll be an Audi owner soon, I promise) Levitt