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Re: Stalking

> Anyway, I was doing 102 on the Northway, vermont-bound, late
> at night, about 12 years ago. The Northway is almost always empty. 
> Sure enough, I see the blue lights behind me and pull over.
> I have since learned that the correct answer to the question:
> "do you know how fast you were going?" is not: "no, sir, my
> speedometer only goes up to 85."

The classic "No, but I thought for sure that you would, Officer" might be
worth a try if you're really desperate.  I actually made a cop laugh with
that remark (as if he hadn't heard it before!) and he ended up writing me
for 94 in a 65 instead of 96 ... at the time, 30-over the limit got you a
trip to the local magistrate, so I was more than happy to pay the fine by

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