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Dumb on struts

yep, fergot, the lower ball joint and the stabilizer joint...  Bentley calls
for a 5ft section of pipe for the stabilizer...  did you manage to get the
bolt off of the lower ball?  It goes ina groove in the ball joint shaft...
 You should be able to slightly splay the clamp with a screw driver.... This
should help...  Sounds to me whoever did the last bearing went a little wild
with the air hammer.....   Those carrier mounting bolts should be replaced,
it sounds to me, antisieze not necessary (or call for in bentley) for the
bolts...  my trick was to soak the rotor side of the bolts with WD40 for a
couple nights b4 removal, still they sounded like a shotgun when they
popped....  Make sure those thread holes are clean too, used a gun cleaning
kit brass brush for this.....