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Re[2]: Stalking

> in the book "a speeder's guide to avoiding tickets", the cop author says
> that one unwritten rule is that anyone caught with a radar detector
> (exception to follow below) will never be let off.  he recommends the
> concealed variety of R.D. 

> anyone here ever been caught with a R.D. and been let off?

I've been bagged *because* of my hidden radar detector. I've got a Passport 
tucked up by the headliner on my, er Volvo (tm), and you cannot see it unless 
you're sitting in the driver's seat, or my lap...

Anyway, I was tooling along the Mass Pike one night (12:30am), minding my own 
business in the right lane, no traffic, 65mph. I noticed a car driving near me 
and all of a sudden my radar detector went full on. So, my reflexes being what 
they are, I tapped my brakes. On went the blue lights...BTW, he wrote me up for 
"pacing at 65" rather than "radar reading 65". So his radar signal was simply, 
IMCO, to determine if I had a detector...

I also have a big CB antenna sticking up on the roof...I've been paced by other 
cops who (I assume) believe that a radar detector and/or a CB radio constitute 
sufficient cause...

I fully believe that if I hadn't told the ossifer that I was running a radar 
detector by tapping my brakes, he would have gone on to other, faster game. 65? 
Give me a break!

Lee Levitt