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Re: *Broken pwr antenna

> 	If anyone has a broken power antenna with the cable intact, I'd
> 	love to get my hands on it.  Out of sheer perverseness, I want
> 	to see if I can fix the one I have.  I cleaned it out yesterday and
> 	checked out the motor (runs great), and I just hate to throw
> 	it away because the stupid cable's broken.  (I know, it isn't
> 	efficient use of my time :-) -- hey, just indulge me, OK?)
> 	-Arun

	You may be able to buy just the antenna with the plastic cable.
Although I haven't needed to fix my Audi's power antenna yet, I have
replaced the antenna (with the plastic cable) on my Cadillac. Was available
at the dealer for a resonable price.