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Re: Re[2]: Stalking

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995 llevitt@idcresearch.com wrote:

> I've been bagged *because* of my hidden radar detector. I've got a Passport 
> tucked up by the headliner on my, er Volvo (tm), and you cannot see it unless 
> you're sitting in the driver's seat, or my lap...
> Anyway, I was tooling along the Mass Pike one night (12:30am), minding my own 
> business in the right lane, no traffic, 65mph. I noticed a car driving near me 

You must be some kinda hell raiser if you can get picked up on a freeway, 
in a (er-) Volvo, at night, for 65mph!!  He/She actually wrote the ticket 
for only 10mph over??  I have to assume that any type of freeway would be 
55mph zone right?  That's a little picky isn't it?

Now, if you said you drove a red  ______(make) GTS4, Sport Coupe, with 
18inch alloy wheels and a 2000watt stereo, I would understand, but aren't 
most (er-) Volvo's a bit sedate to really draw lots of radar fire?

		---never own a red car again