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Re: Stalking

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, Frank Deutschmann wrote:

> Cops do NOT appreciate putting their own lives in danger -- especially to
> catch people who show no respect.  If you cause them to risk their lives
> in a high-speed chase, they WILL pay you back.

This is so true: they always catch you in the end. I have a very good 
friend who once had a 911 SC back when they were current. He lives a long 
way from town and night after night would shoot past a police car at 130 
on a stretch of single carriage way, thinking he was safe; similarly on 
the motorway, always out ran them, even those on bikes. Until he got 
caught. Enormous fines, lost licence for yonks and nothing but flak. And 
that was before they got hyper about speeders.