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Hydraulic valve lifters/wheels

   Hello out there in Quattro land,
 Just thought I would ask a quick tech. question regarding hyd.valve lifters
 or tappets.  Car is an 87 5kcsQ,100K. Regardless of oil weight, when car is 
 started in the morning, the lifters are so loud, I'm afraid of waking up the
 neighbors.  The clatter lasts for up to 5-7 minutes sometimes until properly
 oiled I guess. Funny thing is that even after the engine is warm and 
 has been driven, the tappet noise sometimes comes back! This poblem was 
 also heard on my 85 4000 Q but noise dissapeared shortly after engine 
 was running and never came back when warm. Should I just replace the lifters
 and if so, where can one find them cheap since once the valve cover and
 cam is off, I'd rather just replace them all.
 Secondly, I have Four original style 5000 Turbo Quattro rims 15x6 in excellent
 shape with Yokohama avs all season tires 205/60/15 that have about 10,000
 miles left on them. They were supposed to appear in this last issue of 
 Quattro Quarterly but didn't make it I quess. $325 (303)224-5696 Chad
 Chad Clark <chadc@holly.ColoState.EDU>