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Re: New member to list

On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, G. Erickson wrote:

> I'm a newbie to the Internet who also happens to be an Audi fan.  If I make
> any slips along the way, I appreciate any and all advice and thank you in
> advance.
You got it, but let me warn you: First time you screw up, you buy each of 
us an Audi part of our choice! Welcome aboard. Just hope you can tolerate 
our "humor"  <----- used very loosely!

> Also the mileage doesn't vary by more than 5 miles per tank, no matter
> whether I'm drag racing from every stop, or "grandmother driving" and taking
> two weeks to hit 40 mph.

I noticed the same with my  4000sq. No matter how I drove, the total 
range varied little. Always got 375 miles out of the tank. Seems to be a 
5 cyl trait!?

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