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Re: Audi sighted in Seattle

> Something that I've been wondering about for a while:
> Would a 1.8L engine bolt to the existing trans. in a Coupe GT?  I was 
> wondering if the 4000sedan and the Coupe GT used the same trans. mounting 
> pattern or if they were totally different?

No, it won't fit ... the bolt patterns are different, for one thing.  The
Type 012 transmission used in the 80/90 is another matter, though, and it
WILL fit the 4-cyl or 5-cyl engine but uses an electronic speedo drive so
the conversion would be a bit more involved than you expect. 

I've thought about getting a competent machinist to mate a 4-cyl bellhousing
to a 5-cyl transmission -- the 4.45:1 and 4.9:1 final drives are tempting --
but have never actually gotten around to seeing how practical this is.

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