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Re: Stalking & 959's

>Anyway, I was tooling along the Mass Pike one night (12:30am), minding my
>business in the right lane, no traffic, 65mph. I noticed a car driving near
>and all of a sudden my radar detector went full on. So, my reflexes being
>they are, I tapped my brakes. On went the blue lights...BTW, he wrote me up
>"pacing at 65" rather than "radar reading 65". So his radar signal was
>IMCO, to determine if I had a detector...

I've learned to instinctively reach for the handbrake when the detector goes
off (no brake lights).  On a related note, a friend from Montana was telling
me about the their views on speed limits:  you get a $5 fine which you can
pay on the spot for "wasting natural resources" and you get a receipt which
is supposedly good for the rest of the day.

>I believe that for a car to be certified for US roads the
>company has to handover THREE of the car to the Federal government.  No
>wonder they did not want to federalize the 959!!

Does anyone know how the other mega$ cars make it to the US?  Or are race
cars (for track only) exempt.  How about the Group B rally cars?  There was a
guy named Frank that was selling a bunch of them in Autoweek a while back.

Ray  (how much are RS200's going for? or a Lancia Stratos)