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Re[2]: Stalking & 959's

>On a related note, a friend from Montana was telling me about the their 
>views on speed limits:  you get a $5 fine which you can pay on the spot for 
>"wasting natural resources" and you get a receipt which is supposedly good 
>for the rest of the day.

And as long as you're not doing anything stupid (i.e., unsafe), this policy 
holds until you're doing 100 mph.  (At least that's what I've read.)  Oh, 
and apparently the more "safety-conscious" legislators are pushing to lower 
that threshold to 80.  Gee, I guess I could live with that limitation if I 
had to.  It's certainly better than Pennsylvania:  $92.50 for 60 mph, with 
an additional $10 for each 5 mph after that.

Hmmm...Are there any jobs in Montana?  :)

- Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
- '87 VW Quantum Syncro
- '93 Volvo 850 GLT