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Re: New member to list

> her insurance agent managed to convince the other
>guy's agent that they should pay for the local Audi dealer to replace the
>block, [and clutch while they had it apart!]) and it has the 5-speed

That's some trick.  In my expereince, the insurance companies deny all
mechanical problems
(like when my vanagon got rear ended and the gas struts for the hatch died
within a couple days).

>The problem I have is that I only get 275-300 miles out of a tank of gas,
>and with a 16 gallon tank, this is beginning to hurt the pocketbook.  What
>is the normal milage for one of the 5-cyl engines in a non-Quattro car?  And
>if my mileage is really low, any suggestions on how to fix?

Here's a datapoint for you.  My '86 5000 (normally aspirated) with the 5 spd
gets 22-23 around town in
the winter (oxygenated gas), around 25 in town in the summer, and around 27
on the highway with normal gas (a/c off, 75 mph).

Here's a dumb idea -- how old are your plug wires?  Are they really stiff?
Also, you didn't mention your
distributor cap or rotor, or your timing.  Once you've taken care of these
tune-up issues, maybe a compression check would be a reasonable diagnostic step.
Jason Douglas
MTS Dept G057                        
MITRE Corporation