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Re: Audi List

In message <199503221725.JAA24400@sonic.net> Thomas Frazer writes:
> Dear Uncle Bart:
> As part of porsche/audi gang, may I ask you for the address to join the
> Audi Quattro list?  I am much obliged.
> I am also waiting to wrestle the check book from the Mrs. to get some $$ to
> our beloved Stan.

Dear Tom,

Send Subscribe message to Majordomo@coimbra.ans.net with body of message

Subscribe quattro tfrazer@sonic.net (Tom Frazier)

If you want the digest option, substitute quattro-digest for quattro.

Once subscribed, you'll get an automated confirmation from Majordomo that
will tell you, among other things, the the list address is:

We'll be gald to have you among the "dualies"

SOB (aka Same ol' Bart)