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Re: Lost code for radio on '89 100Q

>I bought my '89 100Q used, and I the dealer I bought it from doesn't know
>code for the radio.  Recently my battery went dead so my radio no longer
>works.  Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Get the S/N off of the radio, VIN from the car, and a proof of ownership of
the car....take this to the dealer, and they can write off to Audi and get
the code.

If the original owner hasn't changed it, and the dealer hadn't changed it,
the default code is "1111".  This is true for my '88 90Q...dunno if it will
work for yours.

>My trunk light doesn't turn on when I open my trunk.  If I connect ground to
>the light, the light turns on, so I know it's not the bulb.  Where is the
>switch for this light?  I have a feeling it's not the same switch that the
>alarm uses, because the alarm goes off if I open the trunk without the key
>when the alarm is on.

Also in my 90Q, the trunk light switch is usually the culprit.  It is
located IN the trunk lid.  It has a little rubber boot over it.  The part
is $2.50 (dealer retail)...just buy a new one, pull the boot off, take out
the screw, swap switches, insert screw, put boot back on.  5 minutes tops
(one of the few EASY jobs on these guys).


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