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Re: Yoko Avs

> Greetings all-
>   I know we've covered this tire thing somewhat extensively,, But does 
>anyone have any experience with the Yoko Avs "intermediate" tires. How 
>are they in the wet verses in the dry? This would be a non-quattro 
>application so Id' be willing to give up some dry traction for improved 
>wet traction. Plus the weather here in Cleveland seems to provide much 
>more wet than dry...

I got them on my GTi right now. When I bought my wheels he threw in the
tires with them. It was his six set, and he swears by them. But he said he
has never bettered more than 10k...but he drives HARD. So far they have been
exceptional on the dry, very very sticky but less braking power than
before(stock 14" wheels with Pirelli P6) go figure. Wet traction is
decent--btter than Pirelli though. I didn't think that I could push them as
hard as I thought I should. Anyone else? I'm watching this one close 'cause
I will be needing new tires in a couple months!

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