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DISC: Re: Subject line convention?

>        It's a common-sense thing to do, and certainly wouldn't hurt. That
>        being said, it seems to me that *all* the five-cylinder models are
>        quite similar, even in matters other than engine-related ones. I

Mechanically, the only thing common in the 5 cyl engines seems to be the
block.  The heads, crank, rods, etc are different between 10v and 20v
motors (turbos?).  These engines are distinctly different in many ways.
Remember the ever-recurring threads of "engine swaps" or "head swaps" where
the only practical answer is "if you want an S4, buy one".

Braking systems vary drastically, from the 2 piston calipers on the coupes,
to the Tevves vs. Girling differences between model years of the same car.
Hydraulics seem to be different as well, like the "nitrogen-bomb" in some
models vs. others.  Engine management is different from KEIII on older
models, to KE-Motronic on newer ones, etc., again all depending on model
and year.

I'm not saying that I'm not interested in info about other models...but
these beasts are different...very different.  I find little discussion on
the 4/5K that I can apply to my 90Q.  Even tire selection and suspension
setup would be different between quattro and non-quattro, 4/5K and 80/90.

Then again, I could be full of horse sh*t too.  ;-)


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