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Re: Speed Kills?

>Hi Jim, Eliot
>> >I think we are in the middle of just such a "media circus" here in Ohio.  
>> >I have seen blurbs on the news about a serious crackdown and some of its 
>> >implications on I71 in Ohio.  Anyone know more about this blasting?  Mr. 
>> >Healey, comment?
>I'm really surprised to see this thread (no flame, gentlemen), but Ohio, 
>especially I70, has had a reputation as a gaint, permanent, and *very* 
>chickensh*t speed-trap for as far back as I can recall (even longer, I can
>only recall as far back as this morning, after 0800, to be more precise...)

>Bart Chambers,

Actually I did add on a direct audi question - best place for a remote?
(underhood/bonnet or whatever temps being just this side of H*LL)

I'm sure someone is using a remote/ any suggestions

jim h