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Re: Speaking of boost...

> Just curious as to what is boost value under full throttle for 5000 Turbo?
> I usually get about 1.2 bar.  Is that low?
> TIA,
> Pat Roberson  email> pat@patrick.mdn.com
> '72S Targa
> '79SC
> '86 5000 CST
Typical  5ks run 1.2 to 1.3. If you have a clean air filter
and triple electrode plugs etc etc you may occasionally
see 1.4 come up on the guage.

Now for the WARNING **************

If you see 1.8 or more on your guage.... you might be
about to blow your intercooler.

Lets see now  12 psi x 30 sq. inches  => 360 lbs  => POP
or something like that.

I got the car home yesterday be using lots of duct tape and 
totally sealing up every opening in the intercooler. I was a 
VERY GOOD BOY driving home, never let it go above 0.9 bar..

Later that evening, I dismantled the Intercooler, and put it
back together carefully. I have also re-inforced it with
nylon filament strapping tape. On the way to work this
morning, I kept it below 1.3 bar ( was holding 1.8 sustained
on the dash guage for 30 seconds when it went )

So all you folks out there with IA mods,  this message is
for you......

Now, can someone tell me why a leak in the intercooler will
keep the 5K from starting and idling. The mass airflow sensor
is after the intercooler, and is not much use at idle airflow
rates anyhow. What gives. I intend to figure it out soon
because it does puzzle me.

Alan Cordeiro
86 5kQ