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Re: Speaking of boost...

> Now, can someone tell me why a leak in the intercooler will
> keep the 5K from starting and idling. The mass airflow sensor
> is after the intercooler, and is not much use at idle airflow
> rates anyhow. What gives. I intend to figure it out soon
> because it does puzzle me.
The '86 5k does not have a mass airflow sensor.  It simply has a 
charge air temperature sensor in the intake plenum that the com-
puter uses to determine the ignition timing.  The airflow is sensed
by the same circular plate in the fuel metering box that everyone 
with a Bosch K- or KE-Jetronic (CIS) has.  Any leaks after that 
point will screw up the measurement, and thus the mixture.

Steve Buchholz