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radar detector installation, was Speed Kills

Jim writes:

> Actually I did add on a direct audi question - best place for a remote?
> (underhood/bonnet or whatever temps being just this side of H*LL)

I'm not using a remote, but here's what I intend to do on my 200...

1. remove right visor.

2. clip leftmost 2 inches off, heatglue edge so it looks factory fresh <FC> 
(actually I'm going to try this on one from a boneyard to see if it looks 
acceptable and to find out exactly how far that metal bar goes...

3. grind extraneous stuff off top of CM Passport clip (already done for previous

4. drill 1 very small hole into roof reinforcement above rearview mirror. Just 
go far enough to feel drill bit come out other side. No strike that, go about 
1/4 inch in.

5. screw clip to headliner with 1/4 sheetmetal screw

6. clip Passport into clip

7. grab power from light/sunroof console

8. drive fast. :)

Anyone know why this won't work?

I've done similar installs in previous cars (Volvo/Saab) and it works 
beautifully on them. Benefit of Audi console is that it hangs down blocking any 
view of the detector from the rear. I've used business cards folded over to do 
the same on other cars.

Lee Levitt