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Re: RD confiscation/destruction?

Glen, just as I had decided to give this a pass, writes (everybody else moans
 at the consequences, muttering dire threats and the like...):

>   Yes, I suppose "they" can, "they" could also impound and destroy your
>   whole car I suppose. Fortunately there is something (in the US) called
>   the constitution, due-process, representation, assumption of innocence,
>   etc. There are also FCC laws that prevent the states from regulating
>   radio transmission and reception devices, such as radar detectors, that
>   render these state laws all null and void. If someone in one of these
>   communist states were to fight one of the RD laws it would be thrown out.

Much as I'd love to believe it (about the anti-RD laws being overturned on the 
basis of conflict with the  Federal Communications Act, which roughly states
that no laws can restrict the receipt of radio transmissions, which is all RDs 
do), there has been an organization RADAR, made up of the manufacturers of
RDs, who have, for at least 10 years, offered to pay the costs of anyone willing
to become just such a test case.  I don't think that the Supreme Court of the US
will hear such a case, and I suspect that this is why nothing has 
changed in all that time.

>   I sure wish I could get caught in one of these situations, I'd just
>   *LOVE* to challenge this BS in court! 
>    This never would have happened
>   if *someone* hadn't fought it!

I *agree* with you.  Unfortunately, reality often rears its uguly head.  Far
worse that this injustice, is the massive waste, corruption, and trammeling of 
the Bill of Rights that is the result of the hypocritical war on some drugs.

The sad truth is that fighting "city hall" (the editorial usage here) is as
efficatious as trying to adequately dampen a rope by urinating on it, 
vertically.  You may, indeed, eventually get the job done; but I suspect
that you won't enjoy the experience... Martyrdom hasn't, over the years,
proven all *that* rewarding (in this life, at least) the the practitioners.

>    Don't just roll over and play dead...

Well, I'm not too sure about that advice (Noble sentiment, tho it be).  Playing
dead is sometimes a good way to get to come back and play some more...

More'n my share of bullet holes
Wife, cat, cars, (tickets, no points...)