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Re: RD confiscation/destruction?/audi oil filters

>> Personally I figured I would carry a decoy RD (some
>> elcheapo off brand for $10) and hand that over if I 
>> frequently traveled in VA or where ever they
>> outlawed them
>Better plan is to buy a detector that is *very* quiet, and *hide* it *well*
>VA will hit you for a *hunk* of cash for mere possession.
Well, even if its stealthy I'm sure they could pick out the users
by standard trolling practice - I mean if you slow down (not brake)
3 times when he/she instant ons 3 times, its pretty obvious.  The 
previously mentioned book describes such a trolling where the
officer was doing it for kicks, before pulling someone over for 

And if they were destroying said RDs I'd rather it be a decoy
(although I'm sure they are satisfied with giving you a ticket
after all maybe you'll use it again and they can give you 
another ticket)

hakuna matata

jim h

>Custodian, Porschephiles
>Wife, Varmint, Porsche, etc.