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Re: Airbag availability

On Mar 24,  3:03pm, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:

> > Don't know about 80/90s...
> Angela's '90 90Q20V has one. I went through this exercise before
> looking at it. In '90, they started phasing them into the 90's.
> The 20V cars got them first; most/all of them have airbags.
> Later in the year, they started putting them in the other 90's.

The '90 80's have bags too;  my sister owns one.  Yes, my house does look like
an Audi dealership (my black 87 TQ and 84 saphire blue 5kS, her gray '90 80,
and my friends gold '87 TQ that always sits in front of our house for some

87 5000CS TQ