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*RD confiscation/destruction?

       On Fri, 24 Mar 95, Glen Powell wrote:

 I sure wish I could get caught in one of these situations, I'd just *LOVE* to
challenge the BS is court!  The Peoples Republic of Taxachusets just overturned
 a ruling this week on refusal of the breathalyzer and any other drunk driving
tests; refusal can no longer be used as evidence against the alleged violator.
 This never would have happened if *someone* hadn't faught it!  Don't just roll
 over and play dead....

              Glen, wake up.  I think you were dreaming.  This would never happ
en in reality.  Why not?, because of a thing called beurocracy.  Yes, the syste
m is screwed up and corrupt, but thats the way it works.  But I agree: Fight th
e System!  The DUI laws are a joke.  I keep asking myself, why do they keep low
ering the blood-alcohol level when the people who actually endanger the lives o
f others are way over that limit.  It is at the point where it affects average
,law abiding, tax paying citizens like you and me.  So the poor guy who had a f
ew beers get screwed while the real drunks are still on the road.

       "No ossifer, there is absolutly no blood in my alcohol stream!"
 --This is a bad thing to say if you do get pulled over.

               Also, the reason the Bel 645STi is the top rated radar detector
is because they also make the radar guns that Police use to catch us.  They als
o developed the "Stealth" radar detector, because they also developed the radar
 detctor detector technology.  I think this is a conspiracy against the America
n people.  I figure these companies wont come out with a speed tracking device
that there isn't a marketable solution to (i.e. Laser Gun/ detector).  So you w
ill always be able to keep up with the latest in radar technology providing you
 have the money.

              I would like to see a little more respect from the cops, after al
l, we do pay thier salaries.  You pay respect to your employer don't you?  I ha
ve seen a drastic increase in Police in the last couple of years.  The only thi
ng is that most of them just write tickets, make the state/county money, and th
e rest of our lives miserable.  Is it just me or does it seem that cops get an
attitude along with that badge.

              Sorry I went off the subject, but Glen struck a nerve with this o
ne.  It's all a bunch of beurocratic BS if you ask me.  So, "Don't just roll ov
er and play dead...Fight the system!"  Yea, right!