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Engine overhual WAS: Oil light intermittent after 1,300 mile drive.

Hi Chad
	I don't think the engine had ANY engine overhual since it left the
factory.... and I got it only about 17k miles ago......
	Maybe it's time for a complete engine overhual...... by the end of the
trip it was puffing white smoke out the exhaust.....

	The mechanic here in Ames, Iowa quoted me $1.5k to $2k for a
complete overhual.... or $1,599 and $300 for a rebuild engine R&R.

	Gee.... maybe a pot of that stuff you can get at mechanic
stores, to improve engine compression -- can give me another 5k to 6k
more of engine life..... :)

	Can anyone care to comment on the WONDERS of engine oil additive.....

>>PS: is a 24 to 23 mpg the average????
>>1986 4000CS
>Boy 24 to 23 mpg on a 4kCS seems quite low to me. Is it stick or auto? Is
>your ps supposed to read 24-33 maybe? 
>Chad Shepherd

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