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Re: Re. RD

> As for RD in VA (and DC for that matter since they are also prohibited
> there), police cannot confiscate them.  The sale, and use of RD is
> prohibited, but not the ownership.  You can be fined for using a RD, but the
> police cannot legally confiscate it.

They can't?!?!?  Maybe not legally then, cauz they sure as hell took hers!  I
guess the cop was just being a jerk then!  She bought and paid for the IROC,
but it was in her fathers name (insurance) so I guess the cop wanted to prove a
point to kids joy-riding in Daddy's car...  As far as those cameras go, I've
noticed a few suspicious looking black boxes mounted up high on lights here in
Vienna, but they are seldom in the same place for long - maybe they're just
testing or something, maybe they're something else.  Dunno.  Also, one
afternoon the light on Route 7 in front of Tyson's Corner had cops all over the
place (including in the cherry picker) doing heaven knows what, so I'm just
real cautious in this area now.

87 5000CS TQ