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Re: Replacing Shocks on 200T

> When a lower strut bearing (the big circular orange and
> yellow one that mounts on top of the spring) goes, steering effort increases
> and becomes less smooth, almost "notchy."  When an upper strut bearing goes,
> the car tends to pull to one side under power and to the opposite side when
> you let off the power, and you may also hear it "clunk" going over bumps.
AHA!  My steering hasn't gotten any worse, nor does is seem to chatter when I
turn.  HOWEVER, the thing does pull when I hit the brakes at highway speeds,
and a 4 wheel alignment did not fix this problem any.  The squeek HAS mutated
into a thunk when I hit bumps now, no matter how warm or cold the car is.  If
my problem is indeed the upper strut bearing, will I be able to grab it and
yank on it and see anything implying a bad bearing?  I think the left one is
fine, because the drivers side floorboards are what is thumping (my girlfriend
actually told me of this - she drove it for three weeks, then when we were
going somewhere and I was driving she didn't feel it, but I still did!)  Any
help is vastly appreciated!

87 5000CS TQ