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High-pitched squeal...

>> 1. I've got a high pitched squeaking sound coming from the front of the
>> engine.  Sounds like nobody oiled the squirrel cage. Any thoughts on
>> what this might be?
>Yes. Buy a box of Planters assorted nuts, grate them and feed the squirrels;
>tends to keep them quiet for a while :-)
>On the other hand, if what you are hearing is a continuous high-pitched
>squealing noise that varies with the RPM (almost like a whistle), it could
>be the alternator bearings singing. Several people on this list have
>reported this. Check if there is play in the alternator pulley. The fix
>that I'd recommend is a Bosch rebuilt alternator.

As I discovered this weekend, it can also be a vacuum leak.  I had the hose
that runs between the valve cover and idle stabilizer on my '87 5000s split
and it made a sound similar to that of a dead "alternator bearing."  I made
a quick trip to the nearest salvage yard with $10 in my pocket and was home
with a replacement hose in hand and $5 in change in less than an hour.  Who
says Audis are expensive to maintain? ;^)

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