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Re: Audi Oil Filters

On Mon, 27 Mar 1995, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> Maybe Im a doubting thomas or something, BUT... (theres always a but 
> ,eh?) :)
> The way my filter is located is vertical, how would it drain out when the 
> car is off? It's a bowl...it will hold oil by nature...
> What will the 'valve' buy me?
> Thanks again. Feel free to tell me to shut up and go away.
> Bob
> :)

	Hold on here.  I should shut up and let someone more knowledgable 
talk.  You are right.  The filter is upside down, so the oil will 
sit there by gravity.  Lets see what some of the others have to 

Graydon D. Stuckey

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