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new to list / '91 200Q ideas?


I joined the list recently (although I've previously reviewed the archived
files on the server).  I have a '91 200Q, purchased 11/93 with only 17k
miles! (but for too much $).  I traded an '87 4000 CSQ for my '91 200Q, and
previously drove an '80 4000 (inherited from folks, they bought new).

This may already have been discussed before (didn't see it), but I'm looking
for ideas on adding to my 200's abilities--I have installed Pagid Blue pads,
but no more.  My thoughts are to further (?) improve braking (the front
brakes were changed over to the conventional discs), suspension, and tires.
 At some point, the plan should include Ned's chip, possibly his new exhaust
manifold, and ...??? Other ideas for the powerplant?  (of course, some of
this is going to depend on the wife, and how much she spends at Macy's!  or
is it that the more she spends, the more I get to spend? hmmm)